Exploring Romes World of Contemporary Art
Arianna Roscioli


Worldhotel Ripa Roma’s Voice
of Contemporary Art in Rome

Celebrate the inspiration of the Eternal City with me.

From my favourite masterpieces to the books about art that I’ve enjoyed, I will bring you into my artistic world. Together we will embark on a journey together to discover the heart of the contemporary art and design scene in Rome.

Art pulses through the corridors and rooms of the Worldhotel Ripa Roma. Working here at one of the best design hotels in Rome, I get to indulge my creative energy and mingle with top Roman artists. One of them, Fabiana Roscioli is a well known artist here, and she helps me with her work to create an artistic ambiance for my guests. I make sure that Worldhotel Ripa Roma is a haven for contemporary artists to showcase their work.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Each month I am aiming to write a blog about a contemporary art movie. This is an attempt to encourage myself to seek out the best ones, but also make my readers aware of a different medium in which they can appreciate the contemporary art world.

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The Comics Of Maurizio Quarello

For all of the guests at our design hotel, Rome I would recommend a visit to my choice of exhibition of the month. The Tricromia Gallery on Via della Barchetta houses the entire collection of work by one of the top current contemporary artists in the world, Maurizio Quarello, and is within easy walking distance from our design hotel.

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Nikolaus Gansterer’s Figures Of Thought

Those of you who have visited the design hotel in Rome where I work know how much I love discovering inspirational new artists. And this month, I have added yet another one to my list, when I became familiar – through a customer – with the works of Nikolaus Gansterer.

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The Interesting Life Of Basquiat

Everyone loves a good movie and although I have little time to indulge in a couple of hours to myself, I do make the effort to stay up to date as much as possible, especially with movies of a contemporary art nature.

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An Introduction to The Venice Biennale

Although I work in a design hotel in Rome and it is Rome’s contemporary art scene that inspires and enchants me, I could not ignore the fact that the Venice Biennale is taking place right now in our country.

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An Insight Into The Ara Pacis Museum

There is no doubt that Italy has the responsibility of preserving its past and Rome, in particular has some of the most incredible art history the country can offer. But, as those of you who have stayed at our Worldhotel Ripa Roma will know, I have an avid interest in the preservation of more modern architecture too.

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A Contemporary Art Book For The Coffee Table

I love the idea that when our guests come to stay, they have the complete experience of a design hotel. Rome is such an iconic city and I want its class, vibrancy, and cosmopolitan feel to be reflected in all aspects of our design hotel.

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Urs Fischer Is Coming To Town

One of the smaller galleries in our beautiful city is a member of the family of Larry Gagosian’s galleries, of which there are twelve around the world. New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Athens are home to some of the others and we are really proud to have one here on our doorstep.

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Fabiana Roscioli or The Sense of Freedom

I spent some time in a sunny room of the Worldhotel Ripa Roma chatting to one of my favourite artists in Rome, the amazingly talented Fabiana Roscioli. Creator of masterpieces such as her latest work which celebrates the bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth, Fabiana is engaged with the heart of contemporary art in Rome.


She was delightfully forthcoming about her inspirations, her love of our city and her motivations.

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A Cappuccino in A Contemporary Cafe

As the manager of a city design hotel, Rome has so much to offer me in terms of contemporary art. And it is not just from the museums that I draw my inspiration, but the buildings and the other architectural features also enthuse and intrigue me.

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Modern and Classic Meet at the Forum

I am so excited to tell you all about this amazing new exhibit that is being held in the Roman Forum. Last week one of my guests at the Worldhotel Ripa Roma told me that when she visited the Forum and Palantine Hill, there was an exhibition of art that was being featured inside the ruins. I had to go and see this for myself and I must tell you how blown away I was!

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Fusing Rome’s Ancient Art With An Innovative Contemporary Style

Everyone knows that Rome is synonymous with the arts and architecture of the ancient civilisations, but with modern art and contemporary styles becoming more established in so many of Italy’s prestigious museums, the capital city is definitely opening its doors to more diverse and cutting edge exhibitions and galleries.

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A Wonderland in the Heart of Rome

For my gallery of the month I have decided to choose a gallery that will transport visitors to a surreal world, which will leave them perplexed for hours after arriving back at their design hotel. Rome is host to the Dorothy Circus Gallery, which exhibits art of pop surrealism and new tendencies of figurative arts.

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Master Pistoletto Inspires a Deep Thought

For my blog post this week I have decided to write about one of my absolute favourite Italian contemporary artists, Michelangelo Pistoletto. I have mentioned him before in my post about one of his exhibits, Mirror Paintings, but I do not think that one post is enough for this modern master.

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Outdoor Canvases of San Lorenzo

This week I have decided to go a slightly different route for my gallery recommendation. As the manager of a design hotel, Rome is the perfect platform to find inspiration on every corner – literally.

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‘Image Mutant’ Turns Up MACRO

A mere seven minute walk from my wonderful Worldhotel Ripa Roma, the MACRO museum is putting on a fabulous series of experimental films and short films called Mutant Image, curated by the genius Benedetta Carpi De Resmini.

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The Israelis take MACRO

Our president, President Giorgio Napolitano, has bestowed a medal of honour upon the Israeli artists, and I’m raving about the show! The current and inaugural exhibition of twenty-four Israeli artists at MACRO, Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Rome, is definitely a show to see if you are spending some time in Rome this Spring.

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Art and Football

As a Romani, I can be as passionate about football as I am about my Rome design hotel. Every so often you might even find me in yellow and red, cheering on the lupi! Sometimes I think a sculpture in our team colours might look beautiful in the halls of the Worldhotel Ripa Roma…

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Designer Andre Fogli: the Eye of the Maestro

Spring is in the air, and in Rome the great themes – the quintessential artistic muses – beauty and romance are always in the air. And indeed how could they not be? In a city so saturated and abuzz with the omnipresent titillation of the fabulous and cutting-edge, contemporary art scene – for me, inspiration, is found at my every turn in Rome. Design Hotel atmospheres must remain current, so I ventured out seeking some creative insight.

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A Special Roman Rooftop

Like me you’re doubtless a fan of MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma). This month I’m focusing my Masterclass on the architectural phenomenon that contains the amazing masterpieces of the collection that has inspired many a design hotel. Rome is filled to the brim with influential architecture.

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